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Planning stages of your wedding and contemplating an elopement? Pour yourself a cuppa and have a read some of my experiences with clients who decided to go for either an intimate back yard wedding or eloping with just a few witnesses.

There’s a bit to contemplate isn’t there! Elopement used to be a cute little catch phrase people referred to when they weren’t having a large wedding. Well they’re no longer a cute little catch phrase – they are very real, very relevant and absolutely a day of celebration and special joy. Quite a few are now considering elopements due to the halt to travel that is preventing overseas guest being able to attend their wedding celebrations.  In some instances couples who were planning their big day are either contemplating a smaller wedding due to many guests not able to make it to their wedding, or they simply want to keep things simple and sweet.  (Below image easily tells this couples story 😉 Nakalia and Jake – Hawkes Bay

bride and groom wearing masks kissing

If you’re a couple considering eloping – congratulations on thinking outside the box and I hope some of the following can be of some help.

Live Streaming

If you happen to have guests that are not able to be present but would love to witness your wedding celebration you might want to consider having it professionally live streamed. I recently worked with the Wedding Cast who are providing an online live streaming service for couples who have loved ones not able to attend but with the Wedding Cast team they can live stream your wedding to anywhere in the world.  I can highly recommend them. They were amazing to liaise with, work alongside and most importantly my clients were beyond thrilled with their service.  They didn’t want their ceremony to feel like a film production and the wedding cast crew managed to accomplish this.  As our groom wasn’t a chap who loved cameras it was a fabulous and real testament to how they operate.  This service provides loved ones to be right in the moment and celebrate with you. 🙂

Just married

An elopement can mean many things.  Some consider an elopement to be two people who decide to get married away from all the fan-fare for them then to return home to everyone and announce “we did it”! 

Instagram post we eloped

Some couples decide simply to have a very small intimate wedding of their immediate family and best friends.   (To view more of Lee and Jeremy’s Waihi beach back yard elopement wedding you can view it here): Lee and Jeremy

Back yard intimate wedding ceremony

Recently this lovely local Tauranga couple (below) chose to wed in the back garden with just their families and friends present to later surprise everyone at a local restaurant with the good news.  (I think drinks were on them 😉

elopement wedding Tauranga

A fun advantage is following the ceremony there is often a lovely amount of time that the couple can spend with guests.  This often gives provides myself a wonderful opportunity to take natural candid memories of their loved ones.  I especially cherish the comments that I was viewed just like a family member present taking photos.  You can view more of this wedding here: Nakalia and Jake – Hawkes Bay

Candid happy wedding guests

Elopement Photo – Sessions

The adventure begins!

New Zealand Elopement couple cloud top of road

There is a fabulous advantage to elopement photo sessions and that’s we often get to incorporate a location that would not of been possible during a large wedding. We can keep things simple and sweet or we can make it a complete adventure, the possibilities are endless. We can hike to the top of mountain like these two musicians who decided to return to New Zealand for their elopement wedding here at Mount Maunganui. (Seriously this was such a special moment).

Bride and groom top of mountain at sunset playing violins

We can stroll through the beautiful New Zealand bush we have so readily available. This wee spot just happens to be 10 mins drive from my home, and you can view more of their elopement photo session here :Erin and Jamie

Vintage photo of bride and groom in front of waterfall

We can wander the beach like we ended up doing with Jamie and Erin at my local beach here in Papamoa upon dusk:

Natural candid moments at dusk with elopement couple on Papamoa Beach New Zealand

We can go for a drive. With Nakalia and Jakes Hawkes Bay elopement wedding, after beautiful time spent with guests we took a drive up Te Mata Peak that provides beautiful views over the Pacific Ocean and looks down over nearby townships of Napier and Hastings. We got to experience the stunning golden light that often we can experience being at the right location at the right time. This is something I take seriously for my couples. Scouting and local knowledge is key to be able to show case New Zealand that has often been chosen as it’s often very close to my clients hearts. You can view more of this fun intimate elopement wedding here: Nakalia and Jake – Hawkes Bay

New Zealand elopement Hawkes Bay Pure Images Photography

So if you feel an elopement wedding might be the right fit for you, do feel free to get in Contact and we can discuss how you’d like your day to best represent you both as a couple, as a family and how to best serve your nearest and dearest while making everything work for you on the day.

Ready for an adventure?! I LOVE an adventure! I’d be so happy to assist you! And remember, no rules, just freedom to marry your partner for life the way you want. I’m all for that. – Rochelle