Family Session Packages

If you want photos that truly capture your family’s unique vibe, let’s chat!

I offer custom-designed packages to fit exactly what you’re looking for. Packages start at $650 for weekday sessions, so get in touch, and we can create a collection of images that perfectly portray who you all are.

family photography packages

If you’re after an incredible photographer for a family shoot, wedding, etc, look no further!

We already knew Rochelle was amazing because she did an outstanding job with our wedding photos a couple of years ago. So, when it came to capturing some family moments at the beach, we knew exactly who to call.

From the moment we met Rochelle, it was like hanging out with a cool friend. She is so chill and laid-back, instantly making the whole family, grandparents, parents and kids feel comfortable and relaxed. It was all smiles and laughter throughout the shoot.

Man, she knows how to pick the perfect spots! The beach at dusk was pure magic, and Rochelle worked her magic too. She has such a creative eye and captured every moment in the most amazing way. Not only did she take stunning posed shots, but she also caught those candid, genuine moments that make our family who we are. We were just being ourselves, and Rochelle made sure to snap those precious, heartfelt interactions.

Did I mention she did our wedding photos too? She totally nailed it back then and knocked it out of the park again with this beach shoot. Her attention to detail and editing skills are off the charts. The photos came out jaw-droppingly gorgeous!
Rochelle sent us our photos super quickly, and we were blown away by each shot. The colours, the clarity, everything was on point.

Seriously, if you’re looking for a photographer who knows how to capture those incredible family moments, you’ve got to hit up Rochelle. She’s got insane skills, and is just awesome to work with.

So go ahead and book Rochelle for your beach shoot or any other occasion. You won’t regret it. Trust us, she’s simply amazing!

Chontelle: 24 May 2023