Tauranga Elopement

Boy oh boy here’s to another couple who decided to have an elopement wedding here in Tauranga New Zealand. Abby got in touch while she was in quarantine and planning her wedding. They were planning their wedding ceremony to be just a simple back yard wedding with only Daniels family present. Her parents and wedding guests and friends were planning to ‘Zoom’ in and witness it live!

When I arrived Abby’s hair and make up had already been done by two amazing wedding vendors here in Tauranga: Hair was with Sara Joy: www.sarabialostocki.co.nz and Abby’s makeup was with Natalie Dawson: www.nkdmakeup.co.nz Abby’s wedding bouquet and all the corsages were created by talented Tauranga Florist Kelly Swain: hand-picked.co.nz

Abby was just so relaxed and had made special time to zoom call her family back in the States which they joined her in showing them her dress and her getting ready live. There were happy giggly moments as her family gasped at how beautiful she was in her beautiful bridal gown. The plan was to then pop to over next door where they ceremony was planned for. Their lovely Celebrant Nathan Tuttle and his wife were setting up and everyone quietly got everything ready for Abby’s arrival and the very important aspect was making sure family and friends were able to witness it live.

And in walked Abby. SO relaxed and SO happy with a Daniel grinning from ear to ear. Happy tears by Daniels family – followed by a very meaningful and spiritual ceremony. You may be able to see the online guests were given front and center stage just inches away from the happy couple and rightly so. As soon as the first kiss was done and dusted look where their eyes went and how they celebrated that moment with their overseas loved ones. After the ceremony they embraced those screens (never thought I’d say that haha) but the sharing of this beautiful marriage with loved ones so far away alongside Daniels family was just so celebratory and joyful. I will never forget it … and the giggles. Speaking of giggles the celebrations carried on with Champagne and Cake which I must say is the absolute BEST way to eat wedding cake! (speaking of which the stunning cake was made by Nathan the celebrants wife and wow)!

I know this is a lot longer than my normal posts but my goodness I love elopements. I must add some of these pictures to my Blog on Elopement weddings which you can ready about here: www.pureimages.co.nz/elopement-weddings

So afterwards Daniel and Abby had planned to make the most of the some beautiful locations the Tauranga area has to offer us here in New Zealand for their wedding photography. Abby and I had a wee plan and when we told Daniel he said “I have a better idea” (actually I think he said it a whole lot nicer than that 😉 I am SO up if someone has something different in mind and boy oh boy we were not disappointed! We went roaming the hills high above Tauranga to a special wee spot where I got to learn more about Daniel and what he does for a living which made me realize what a special and caring man he is. So here we were in a place close to Daniels heart and boy oh boy did the light turn it on for us! It was insanely beautiful and was just so darn fitting to end the day this way. The beautiful sun swarming over the Kaimai hills, this happy couple and sheep – yes lots and lots of sheep! I was the happiest wedding photographer ever! Daniel and Abby finished up the day zooming off for a special dinner with family and I drove away feeling “this is why I LOVE my job”. So thank you Daniel and Abby for being so darned awesome and I wish your beautiful and supportive families the very very best. – Rochelle