Eagle Ridge on a rainy day

“What are we going to do for our photography if it rains on our wedding day”? This is a question I’m often asked. Lets face it – things are easier when it’s not raining but this is something completely out of our control so I’m going to let Kirstie and Lances wedding answer the question.

You get married and you have fun along the way!

This day was one of the wettest wedding days I’ve experienced and because we were up in the hills in Tauranga up at a very special wedding venue: www.eagleridge.co.nz we were quite literally up in the clouds and it couldn’t have been more fun! Kirstie and Lance and their fun wedding party were up for anything – it was a prima-donna free zone with Kirstie’s sense of fun and Lance being the chilled out dude that he is.

I’ll just mention I’ve been playing with video – so call me crazy but I decided on shoot both video and photo. I can’t emphasize enough the value of having a great wedding videographer on board and I’m super happy to recommend my favorites. But if it wasn’t for Kirstie and Lances fun no stress attitudes this is something I probably wouldn’t have considered! But I dearly wanted to give it a go – so here’s one of my first attempts at video (keeping in mind photos took priority so the important moments went to their wedding photos) but here goes …… One fine wet Winters day ….

Venue: www.eagleridge.co.nz
Florist: www.ourflowers.co.nz
Makeup: www.nkdmakeup.co.nz
Dress: madisonrosebridal.co.nz
Bridesmaids: chancerythelabel.com.au/dresses/bridesmaids
Boys suits: www.hallensteins.com
Cake: Bella Cakes Tauranga
Sounds: www.groovedjs.co.nz