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When Jade and Liam got in touch telling me all about their laid back farm style wedding at Makoura Lodge in the Manawatu, New Zealand I was SO IN!

They love the outdoors, hunting, riding, fishing and chill-axing with their mates so they’d chosen the perfect wedding venue with a rustic country feel. With accommodation onsite all their nearest and dearest could make a weekend of it with lots of outdoor activities to keep everyone happy. The boys started their day smashing some golf balls over the ravine with beers at the ready. The girls were happily chill-axing with the fire going with good food and good company.

The weather threatened to put a dampener on things but that wasn’t going to stop Jade from getting married outdoors and blow me down that’s exactly what happened!

We were able to wander down the road grab some quick fun photos with their fun bridal party before taking off up into the hills on an excursion with Kate (thanks Kate)! A wee play in front of the waterfall, a wee climb out onto the hills it was getting chilly but this happy couple wasn’t about to give in to a bit of windchill. They were all about lets have some fun on our wedding day and boy did we!

Absolutely one of my favorite wedding venues! Fabulous people, fabulous fun families and party. Awesome awesome wedding guys, thanks for having me take part in your day.

Admission time: Liam and Jade had a wee surprise come their way a few weeks after their wedding … (I sneaked in some wee video clips) during their day. This was the first time I’d ever played with video so I was very careful not to exclude any photo time but here is a combination of video and slideshow images.