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2023 Published on Photobug community

This image was one taken from a fun series of Steph and Scott who recently married up at The popular worldwide Photobug Community found it and featured in their Top Pics of the Month worldwide feature:
We’d had a day with rain off and on. I had brand new umbrellas and within two minutes of Steph and Scott stepping out the wind rendered them useless! But I just adore when my clients don’t give two figs when things don’t go to plan! Way to go Steph and Scott!

The above image was taken of Rachel and Lance when we sneaked out of their reception just after the sun had gone down at Lake Okataina’s a stunning Lodge and Lake Wedding Venue just out of Rotorua New Zealand. It was featured on 275 Stunning And Inspirational Wedding Images To Look At in February 2021 by worldwide:

Looks like film wedding photographer 2019 badge

The above image was featured on The Most Kick Ass wedding photos worldwide in 2019 by: The image was taken at the very unique Wedding Venue just out of Tauranga