The Red Barn – Waikato Wedding

Wedding Vendors:
Hair and Makeup:
Boys Attire:
Band: Doc Brown Music
Bridesmaids Dresses:
Cake: Jess Allen
Ceilidh Band: Friends and Family via Scotland

Where do I begin to describe this cute couple’s wedding day? Such a beautiful day – a beautiful, sometimes funny, sometimes emotional heartfelt day. It was also a day full of emotion and laughs for myself. I’ve know this beautiful girl since she was tiny, and all I knew she’d met this Scottish lad who came over to New Zealand for his OE and got stuck here due to lock-downs etc. Anyway fast forward, they were getting married – GULP! So it was an emotional day but darn fun one too. Sadly Owens parents were stuck in Australia but were present via Zoom for most of the day! (Big yay for our modern tech aye)! Being a Waikato country girl The Red Barn wedding venue was an easy choice for their wedding. Most of their guests donned kilts as a salute to Owens heritage. I still find it hard to look through these images if I’m honest as this wee lass is just so special and I had to fight tears most of the day. Fortunately a lot of them were tears of crazy fun with a wedding party who knew just how to let their hair down and just be themselves. A great bunch of lads who if you ask me got affected by all the new found air-flow 😉
Lots of emotional speeches and a new one for me was to witness a giant screen with friends back in Scotland teaching this bunch of NZ cowboys how to do some traditional Ceilidh Dancing. I wish you both the very very best and know you guys will be fab. Have fun with all the exploring you are now doing together.
Love you guys lots – Rochelle