Mount Maunganui Urban Wedding

Jody and Phil’s Mount Maunganui urban wedding was the epitome of how to break rules, set trends for the modern wedding couple. So. Much. Fun.

They chose to have first look and the majority of their wedding photos before the ceremony at the very trendy kitchen and bar at Mount Maunganui. After a ridiculous amount of fun spent downtown Mount Maunganui where we wandered the food trucks; hit the streets where they took time for milkshakes/people watching at the local surf shop; stumbling upon Ice Cream Sunday heaven, (awesome food featured big on their day, even when it was unplanned). We then returned to Fife Lane to awaiting yummo pre-wedding nibbles before greet their wedding guests at the door. We’d had so much fun at this point and the wedding hadn’t even yet happened!

After a beautiful heartfelt and relaxed ceremony surrounded by their loved ones and witnessed by zooming in guests they then had time to mix and mingle and enjoy Fife Lane for what it has to offer. Just before sunset we zoomed off to the beach where it just goes to show if you’re as relaxed as these two; don’t mind the sand between your toes (and a somewhat soggy dress) how much fun and special moments can be captured. I don’t mean to shout but I LOVED THIS DAY! Thank you to the following wedding vendors:

Venue: Fife Lane Kitchen and bar:
Jody’s Wedding Dress:
Bridesmaids Dresses:
Grooms Suit:
Wedding Flowers:
Hair & Makeup:
Wedding Cake: