What are your rates?

Collections begin from $1800 for Elopement Weddings, and $2800 for smaller weddings. Fill in the contact form, Contact if you’d like to include some information regarding your wedding and I will happily send you Package details or we can tailor a package for you.

Sorry to ask but our venue requires our vendors to be vaccinated.

Yes I’m fully vaccinated.

By booking you do you require a deposit?

Yes. To secure a date there is a non-refundable $800 booking fee. To provide a top service for my clients and to keep that work/life balance I take a limited number of weddings per season.

How long do we have you for on the day?

My packages have been designed so you can choose which photographic coverage you would like. I don’t want you to put time restraints on your day.  I’ve included approximate time frames on my Packages.

What about if we want more than one location covered?

I will congratulate you for your sense of adventure!

What if we want to change the order of events, like doing our photography session before the ceremony and include a ‘first look’?

Quite a few are opting for this due to wanting to spend more time with their guests.  We can change the order of events around and I can tailor a package to suit your needs. This is best discussed before plans are set in place as I can go over the pro’s and cons.

How many photos do we get?

Depending on the coverage you have chosen usually between 500 – 900 images.

How do we receive our photos?

Via an online Queensberry gallery where you can download/share with your loved ones. There is the option to print through Queensberry also – this is entirely optional. Personalized presentation boxes with a collection of Colour and Black and White printed images are available and included in some packages. 

Who owns copyright of the images?

Good question. We both own the copyright. You are free to print as you like; where you like; distribute to friends and family members and across social media.

How long will it take for us to receive our wedding images?

The turn-around time is usually between 3 – 4 weeks. Depending on the time of year this may extend a little longer but if this is the case I will have discussed this with you. Within a few days of your wedding you will receive a private online gallery of select images of your day you can share with family and friends.

Do we need a second photographer?

I’ve been shooting weddings for years solo and some of my packages are for just one photographer (myself).  But I can honestly say if you opt for a second photographer, this definitely enhances aspects of your photography on the day.  Probably best to speak this over in person and I can make some suggestions as to what works really well.  All my second shooters are qualified (and really great) wedding photographers in their own right …. I’m pretty particular in who I use.

We HATE to pose and we don’t take a good photo – help!

I hear this a lot and I actually like hearing you don’t want to ‘pose’.  When we begin our photo session I’m looking to capture you both being yourselves.  I’ll pop you in a spot with pretty light and (if needed) give you some gentle direction.  I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve for letting you be yourselves and looking great at the same time.   I love, like absolutely LOVE the frequent comment I get when couples receive their images is: “how did you get us too look so good? – AND we were actually having fun”! That, to me is what it’s all about.  If you are really unsure talk to me about an engagement session.  It’s a great way to discover that getting your photo taken doesn’t have to be excruciating.

What are your thoughts on an unplugged wedding?

I think this comes back to: Do you think it’s going to be necessary with your guests?  Do you think they may be inclined to witness your wedding from behind a device?   What some are failing to realize is they are missing out on sharing the moment with YOU. I love capturing eye watering moments but when expression is hidden behind a device everyone is missing out. So if you think this may be your guests by all means announce you’d like it to be unplugged (or) ask your celebrant to announce before our bride is to walk down the aisle if everyone could be considerate of other guests and the photographers. Saying this, sometimes there is good reason for a device to be there – someone who can’t attend your wedding is witnessing it live – that, I think is very cool! ☺

Do we need to feed you on the day?

If you have opted for coverage through to the late hours and I’m there over your dinner this question is often wondered but no one really likes to ask.  My take on it is I make a mean potato salad and have no problem with bringing my own dinner and having a wee picnic in my car while you and your guests are also dining.  By the time we get to your dinner I’ve been on the go for sometimes up to 7 or 8 hours so I will take a short break myself.  Sometimes dinner has been allocated by the venue and of course it’s greatly appreciated.  But I’d be mortified if by providing me with dinner, I have stopped you from inviting ‘cousin Joe‘.  If however you don’t get along with ‘cousin Joe‘ I’m not going to refuse a thoughtfully provided meal.  Just let me know either way what works for you.

What happens if our wedding cannot go ahead because of Covid restrictions?

When a wedding cannot proceed due to a government mandated lockdown I will allow postponements to a date I am available. This is ONLY if the wedding cannot proceed according on the original agreed date. All the details are in my contract. Booking fee’s are non refundable.

We are planning our wedding from overseas – can we Zoom meet?

Actually I would love that – you’ve got to feel right about your photographer and make sure we’re all the right fit for each other.

Do you have more questions?
By all means feel free to give me a bell, email or have a meeting and we can discuss your day.