Now the one thing about wedding planning is no matter how much planning you put into place there are always going to be elements that are out of your control.   Yes the weather.  (Don’t freak out now).  I think  Jane and Cam are one of the best examples of when plans A, B, C and what the hang lets just do D come into play – show how it doesn’t matter how many plans you have in place  …. when all you want to do is get married and have a fabulous day with your friends and family and not sweat the small stuff, these two know how to do it!

When Cam and Jane got in touch letting me know all about their Whangamata Wedding on the Coromandel I was SO excited!  The Coromandel is a place close to my heart and this is how they described Whangamata, as it’s where Jane spent all her holidays as a child and the plan was having their wedding ceremony on the beach and then heading off to their Wedding Venue of Whangamata Farm Weddings.   (Which at the end of the day is exactly what happened).

So it began as lets face it a real wet day – but you know rainy skies bring in a whole other mood.  The colour’s are deep and the feeling inside is one of intimacy.  There’s this other thing too and that’s we often get wee patches of clear skies which if you look through some of their images here you’ll see that by keeping priority on what’s important (the people in our lives) and an open mind (and sometimes wet feet) you can have the best of both worlds.  This is exactly how we played the day.  Fortunately Jane is not one of those brides who say “it’s not going to rain on my wedding day” (yes some actually believe this) and had the back up of a lovely holiday home where everyone could retreat to and it ended up being perfect with the beautiful Whangamata Beach as the back drop to their ceremony.  And what do you know, the skies cleared for a few minutes offering us the opportunity to run out and have a wee play on the beach for some photos with their completely fabulous bridal party.  The rain then came in again so we headed off to the Whangamata Pier.  If you know this wee town on the Coromandel you’ll know the Whangamata bar, it’s beautiful.  This is where you’ll find fishing boats coming and going and the local kids (big and small alike) playing.  Jane and Cam being the troopers that they are were not going to let a little dampness stop them from walking out to Jane’s favorite spot, as the local kids swam around them.

We then headed off to their wedding reception at Whangamata Farm Weddings. What. A. Spot.   Seriously if you are after a truly beautiful and relaxed country wedding this is the place with accommodation available also.  (No they haven’t asked me to plug them).  Any-hoo as you look through their photos you’ll see we stopped off at a couple of local spots along the way AND GUESS WHAT, the rain stopped and the sun even came out!  Which let us trek through a beautiful wee wooded area where it was clear the beautiful connection and sense of fun these two have.  I thoroughly enjoyed hearing their wonderful stories through their guests speakers and leaving them to dance the night away.  I’ll make a mention of some of their fabulous vendors below … big shout out to Jane’s Sister who created beautiful her floral pieces (Miss Audrey) and Fran of Miss O & Co,  (if I’ve missed someone please get in touch and let me know).

What. A. Day.

Jane and Cam – Thank you for letting me share it with you.



Venue: Whangamata Farm Weddings
Hair and Makeup: Jodie and Elyse
Flowers: Miss Audrey Florist and Stylist
Event and Planning: Fran @ Miss O & Co
Celebrant: Edward Taylor
Catering: Burtons Bistro and Catering