Amelia and Alejandro

Backyard Wedding Tauranga

I was so excited when Amelia got in touch.  They were going to be back in New Zealand to get married and have simple no fuss back yard wedding.  She said before we get married we’d like to go somewhere different for their wedding photography that will celebrate New Zealand (THIS had me jumping with excitement and anticipation).  As I got to know them better by email I realised I had a couple who would be up for anything so after much thought I asked them if they’d be keen on climbing the Mount.  And so the adventure began and we managed to keep her dress clean and tidy for the wedding a couple of days later (which was super important as Amelia’s Mum had made her dress)!  Their wedding was attended also by Alejandro’s parents who traveled from Mexico to share the day with their son.  But this couple will remain in my thoughts forever.  There is a scene here that encapsulates who these two are.  They played their music together (it’s what they do for living back in the States) as the sun went down.  It was a beautiful and ethereal moment that I will carry with me forever as I know it will for them.  Thank you to both of them for allowing me to capture this special time. – Rochelle