Awards are always a bit of a talking point with differing views in photography land. I only just started dipping my toes into the odd award event the last few years. Being an accredited NZIPP member for the last few years, I’d been encouraged to enter the award for self-growth. And that’s what I found. When you enter an image that everyone’s falling over in excitement about, you have high expectations. And then it doesn’t get awarded but kindly acknowledged it’s of a ‘professional standard’? You then receive feedback on your image and it all becomes clear. How you could have improved on it. You have to tip your hat and acknowledge you could have done better. Does it matter? No. Everyone still loves the image! But next time you remember that feedback and you do better! Will I continue to enter award events? – Maybe, maybe not, I’ll possibly skip some years as they are quite a time-consuming process. But if your interested take a look at some of my images below.

2018 NZIPP Finalist in Open Wedding Category

Being named as a finalist alongside others in our field that I respect I had to say was a bit of a surprise as it was the first year I’d entered the Iris awards properly. But it was an honor. The following year 2019 I was awarded my Masters with NZIPP which I guess is just a fancy way of saying “you’re doin ok” haha. (You can see I don’t take all this too seriously 😉

Moments over Mountains

Moments! ‘Moments over mountains’ is a bit of a catch phrase but could not be more true! For me, moments captured that celebrate your special day is so much more important than seeking out an award winning image. But at the end of the day I usually have a wee goal to be able to give my clients an ‘art piece’ that we’ve created together. So that should my clients wish, they have a piece of art they can be proud to showcase for the rest of their lives.